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About Me

Hey, it’s Allison here.

I’m a curious and observant twenty-something from Chicago whose passions include local Chicago hip-hop, culturally immersive travel, and finding authentic Indian food wherever I go. Photography is how I provide a visual narrative to the unnoticed moments of life.

As a creative, I love to produce work that is impactful, inventive and interactive; why make anything that isn’t worth a second look?

With over ten years’ experience working in darkrooms and digital labs, my images have been featured online in FADER Magazine and exhibited in numerous shows around Chicago and Saratoga Springs, New York. My work was selected for the 120 Intercollegiate Regional Show, and I received the Elizabeth Marie Glotzbach Film Industry Award for my work as the in-house photographer for Closed Sessions, an independent record label in Chicago. Although not my primary medium, I have four years’ experience working in graphic and web design.

Working with musical artists, international landscapes, and even just my parents for models I have showcased the unexpected beauty in the natural state of day-to-day life. I’m ready for my work to create action and dialogue.

Let’s make things happen together.